Our History

Northern Cochise Community Hospital
Northern Cochise Community Hospital, Inc. was organized in 1968 as a not-for-profit corporation. It is a Critical Access Hospital providing basic medical, surgical, ambulatory and emergency room care and rehabilitation services. There is a District board and a Corporate board. The Corporate board oversees the business of the entity. The NCCH governing board consists of seven members: the Chief of Staff, the five members of the District Board elected by the residents of the hospital district and one appointed member.

Northern Cochise Community Hospital has grown over the years and added a Nursing Home and two satellite Rural Health Clinics. We also host visiting specialists, 24/7 physician staffed emergency services, and other additional diagnostic services.

NCCH serves the residents of the local area and district, as well as visitors and travelers on Interstate 10. The population includes a wide spectrum of multicultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Willcox has an in-city population of about 4,000 and the market area is estimated at 15,000 people.

Serving The Needs of Willcox and the Surrounding Area
Through the sacrifices of many, we have managed to make quality healthcare a reality for Willcox, Arizona. Being part of the community has been an important goal, and with your help and loyalty we will continue to provide health services that you can depend on.

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