Regular hours:
6:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
7:00 A.M to Noon
By appointment

After hours are covered by an on call staff member who responds within 15 minutes of being called.

Clinical Laboratory
Laboratory professionals assist the clinician in diagnosis and proper management of the patient through testing of blood, body fluids or specimens. Usefulness of the data in making clinical judgments depends upon prompt, accurate reporting of a result. Each procedure to generate a result consists of a series of steps or processes.

Our knowledgeable technologists understand each process, enabling them to achieve accuracy and precision of each measurement.

The lab is under the technical direction of a lab manager and under the medical direction of a Board Certified Pathologist. The Laboratory Technologists are (AMT) American Medical Technologist certified, phlebotomist is ASCP certified.

Equipment Upgrades
NCCH-Lab has invested in state-of-the-art upgrades to assure our patients have the best possible results and convenience of quality health care close to home.
For additional information, call 384-3541 ext 312

NCCH-Lab is CLIA Accredited inspected every two years and also participates in an AAB-proficiency testing.

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