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Mateja de Leonni Stanonik, MD, MA, PhD

VitaMedic Institute
Neurology and Stroke/Vascular Neurology

Dr. Mateja de Leonni Stanonik is a Board Certified Neurologist with additional Training in vascular/stroke neurology, neurodegenerative diseases, and headache/pain, and neurological issues pertaining to women. Dr. de Leonni Stanonik finished her training and the George Washington University; she currently holds active privileges at the Northwest Medical Center, Tucson Medical Center, Oro Valley Medical Center, St. Mary's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, and the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford, AZ.

Since the additional training in vascular neurology Dr. de Leonni Stanonik has also been very passionate about women's issues in neurology. Conditions that affect the brain can be trickier to treat in women than men. Hormones and reproductive concerns men don't encounter can influence women's neurological conditions and courses of treatment. To better serve female patients at all stages of life, including pregnancy and menopause, and to advance research in neurological conditions facing women, Dr. de Leoni is joining forces to create The Women's Neurology Center at the VitaMedica Institute. The center is one of its kind in Tucson, and one of only a small number of such women-focused neurology centers across the country.

Dr. de Leonni Stanonik incorporates an integrated medicine approach to patient care versus an approach based solely on pharmacology. Reproductive health and issues related to women's hormones are also a focus. When a woman is diagnosed with a neurological condition, Dr. de Leonni Stanonik takes her through issues related to contraception, hormones, pregnancy and menopause.

Dr. de Leonni served on the Executive Board of the AHA/ASA Chapter for Southern Arizona in 2013-14, was the Chairwoman for the 2014 Heart and Stroke Walk, and is one of the expert advisors to the Southern Arizona Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Dr. De Leonni Stanonik has had 10 years of experience designing and implementing Telemedicine systems in the US and around the world. Consequently, she incorporates telemedicine into her daily neurological practice.

(520) 638-5757